Type IIA muscle fibers can generate more force than Type IIx fibers.

T/F: Myofibrils contain both thin and thick filaments. The sarcomere is made up of three types of proteins. Which of these is a major difference between smooth muscle and skeletal muscle? Which property of muscle tissue directly allows tension to be generated while pulling on its attachment points? If a biopsy of the quadriceps (thigh extensor) muscles were taken from gold medal-winning speed. During every muscle contraction, tension is developed in the muscle. When a muscle has been repeatedly contracting at a moderate intensity for an extended period of time. An action potential in the motor end plate rapidly spreads to the interior regions of a muscle cell by. In the figure shown, which term is defined as extending from one Z disc to the next Z disc? [2], ST fibers are predominantly used for aerobic activities requiring low-level force production, such as walking and maintaining posture, but are also the primary fiber type found in endurance athletes. In the figure shown, which indicated structure covers the entire muscle? Which best describes a role of L-type Ca2+ channels in cardiac muscle cells? Nerves typically enter the muscle along with the main blood vessels of the muscle at a unit called a _________________. [4] Since this is not always feasible, an indirect method that can be used to determine the fiber composition of a muscle group is to initially establish the athlete's 1RM. The removal of calcium ions from the cytosol of skeletal muscle causes, The myosin binding sites on actin to be covered by tropomyosin. [3] Type IIx fibres contain a low content of myoglobin, relatively few mitochondria, relatively few blood capillaries and large amounts glyrs are red, The only way to directly determine the fiber-type composition in an athlete is to perform an invasive muscle biopsy test. Skeletal muscle cells generate the most force when the contraction occurs at an intermediate length.

Which of the following statements about different kinds of skeletal-muscle fibers is TRUE? Which of these would increase the tension generated in a skeletal muscle?

The scientific study of muscles is known as. They have an individual neuron innervating of each individual smooth-muscle cell. Smooth muscle does not use troponin-tropomyosin to regulate cross-bridge activity. 4. are nonstriated. A fast-glycolytic fiber can generate greater tension than a slow-oxidative fiber. You have three types of muscle tissue: skeletal, smooth, and cardiac…

Contracting muscle fibers do not always shorten. 3. have a duration of contraction and relaxation that is longer than in skeletal muscle. Which of the following are TRUE about muscle cells? Which of the following statements regarding skeletal muscle is TRUE? Binding of myosin to actin takes place when [Ca2+] increases in the cytosol. Which is NOT thought to be a mechanism causing fatigue during high-intensity, short duration muscle. A. Sensory neurons stimulate muscles to contract.

The order of recruitment of motor units in a muscle is such that the last units recruited are those that, John is a sprinter who specializes in quick and powerful bursts of speed followed by periods of rest. Which of the following statements regarding contraction of a skeletal-muscle fiber is true? T/F: Both skeletal muscle tissue and cardiac muscle tissue contains endomysium, perimysium and epimysium. Lack of ATP following death causes cross-bridges to remain tightly bound to actin. increasing the frequency of firing in alpha motor neurons innervating the muscle. The H-Zones of the gluteus muscles shrink when lowering down during a squat. What is the best description of a tetanic contraction in a skeletal muscle cell?

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