The Business Case Award salutes Apex’s achievements in bringing cost savings, energy security, and clean power to Fort Hood, the largest military installation in the world. The wind facility would be subsequently acquired by TerraForm Power in 2015. Demolition Conference Turkey.

“WFEC is pleased to once again be working with Apex Clean Energy. Charlottesville, VA – July 18, 2017 – Apex Clean Energy announced today a multiyear contract to operate an IKEA Canada wind project, Oldman 2, located near Pincher Creek in Alberta. Please share your contact information below to receive regular updates and news from Apex Clean Energy. Load More. The third asset in the portfolio acquired by Northleaf, Old Settler Wind, will power an additional 51,000 American homes. The 303 MW Caddo Wind will help supply power to three Fortune 500 customers. Magazines. The facility would generate enough electricity to meet the needs of approximately 100,000 homes. |. Helping customers resell or recycle their excess hardware and prepare to return leased equipment in a secure and environmentally conscious manner through Dell Asset Resale & Recycling Services. He is usually depicted riding a white bull while wearing an apex. Network World The Center for Resource Solutions awards Apex for its overall leadership in bringing wind capacity to market and expansion of direct purchasing of clean energy by the public and private sectors. The project, which is located on the Texas Gulf Coast, was acquired by Sammons Renewable Energy. The 88 MW facility produces enough power to supply approximately 26,000 Canadian homes. stasha_brewer4. In its third transaction with Apex, Southern Power purchases the Grant Plains Wind facility in Oklahoma. Subscribe to access expert insight on business technology - in an ad-free environment. PSO, a subsidiary of American Electric Power, purchases 200 MW of power from the Balko Wind project. The transaction for the Oklahoma wind project includes 15-year power purchase agreements that Apex negotiated with Starbucks, Walmart, and Smithfield.

At the core of Project APEX is the Dell Technologies Cloud Console, which will be the central control panel for multi-cloud deployments and obtaining on-premises gear to be managed by Dell as a service.

The PPA, for 61.1 MW from Apex’s largest solar project to date and its first renewable energy project on the East Coast, will help support Facebook’s operations in Virginia. Rather than the outright purchase of hardware, customers lease it, usage is monitored, and the customer pays a monthly use fee.

The first on-prem service will be Dell’s new Storage as-a-Service (STaaS) portfolio of scalable and elastic storage resources that will offer block and file data services with a broad range of enterprise-class storage features. “Apex is proud to partner once again with IKEA, a true leader in the corporate marketplace,” says Apex Clean Energy President and CEO Mark Goodwin. Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc.

Now Dell Technologies has announced it is expanding its as-a-service capabilities with Project APEX, to simplify how customers and partners access Dell technology on-demand. The long-term agreement will supply AEP Energy with clean power from Emerson Creek Wind in Ohio to serve customers who want clean energy for their retail supply—including Google, the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy in the world.

Andy Patrizio is a freelance technology writer based in Orange County, California. MENU MENU. Dell manages the return and refurbishing of used IT gear while also helping to support customers’ own sustainability goals. The transaction enables the U.S. Army’s largest renewable energy PPA, for the combined wind and solar energy from Cotton Plains Wind and Phantom Solar. Project APEX will unify the company’s as-a-service and cloud strategies, technology offerings, and go-to-market efforts previously sold under the On Demand monicker.

This is the first of many as-a-service plans for Dell, according to Grocott. Apex signs a second PPA with the Grand River Dam Authority, this time for 100 MW from Kay Wind in Oklahoma. Fully built, the assets represent up to 2,150 megawatts of wind energy capacity. “Partnering with utilities is one of the principal ways Apex is achieving its mission to accelerate the shift to clean energy,” said Mark Goodwin, president and CEO of Apex. When employed with Microsoft Azure, the service has no fee for retrieving data from Azure. Apex signs PPAs totaling 250 MW with Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority and American Electric Power for energy from Canadian Hills Wind. The sale is the second transaction in the Midcontinent ISO for Apex in one week.

In separate agreements, Westar Energy purchases 200 MW from Kay Wind and Western Farmers Electric Cooperative purchases 100 MW from Balko Wind. With this new contract, Apex now manages four IKEA Group wind energy facilities across North America. He is the god of contract, guardian of the water, cattle, and harvest.

ALH Conference & Awards. The cloud console will be a single Web interface to on-premises compute, storage and other resources as well as major cloud services providers like Azure and AWS. Apex’s 165 MW Cameron Wind project on the Gulf Coast of Texas is the IKEA Group’s single largest renewable energy investment to date.

This is unlike the old ownership model when IT shops bought gear outright and had to figure out what to do with it when it was decommissioned. He's written for a variety of publications, ranging from Tom's Guide to Wired to Dr. Dobbs Journal.

In January 2017, Apex began managing IKEA Canada’s 88 MW Wintering Hills wind facility in Alberta, Canada. Apex was the U.S. market leader in 2015, with 1,042 MW of wind energy capacity added to the grid. The innovative financing structure enables hedging against risks associated with variabilities in power generation and fluctuating energy prices. In its first wind farm investment in the United States, IKEA purchases Apex’s Hoopeston Wind project in Illinois.

With the purchase of 41.4 MW of energy from Grant Plains Wind, OMPA increases its wind power portfolio to 141.6 MW out of approximately 800 MW.

This marks the second transaction between Apex and Southern Power. The award, presented by the American Wind Energy Association, honors Apex’s commitment to ensuring safety as an essential business principle and its leadership in promoting environmental, health, and safety advancement throughout the industry. With this new contract, Apex now manages four IKEA Group wind energy facilities across North America. KHL Magazines. One of the elements of these consumption/lease models is that the vendors take back their gear when the lease/contract is up. When complete, the 500 MW White Mesa project will be the third-largest single-phase, single-site wind farm in the United States.

Last year, Dell recycled 240,257 kilograms of metal, glass and plastics through this program. Energy infrastructure company Enbridge Inc. announces its acquisition of a 100% interest in the 249 MW project based in Nueces County, Texas. The facility is now owned by BlackRock. Dell launches Apex, a per-use hardware-leasing program Dell's Apex program is designed to accelerate adoption of IT-as-a-service, starting with storage-as-a-service across public cloud providers.

In the future, Dell hopes to launch PC-as-a-Service, Compute-as-a-Service and Data Protection as-a-Service and to target specfic application markets as well, such as SAP as-a-Service and VDI as-a-Service. The project is located in Nueces County, Texas.

Apex agrees to purchase the wind energy assets of GGW, the largest single-phase wind farm to be built in Oklahoma, IKEA purchases Apex’s Hoopeston Wind project in Illinois, join forces to bring 101.2 MW of renewable wind energy into the mix, IKEA Group’s single largest renewable energy investment, once again be working with Apex Clean Energy, Kay Wind would be the first wind facility owned by Southern Company subsidiary Southern Power, OMPA increases its wind power portfolio to 141.6 MW, announces a 12-year power purchase agreement, enables the U.S. Army’s largest renewable energy PPA, Southern Power purchases the Grant Plains Wind facility, announces a multiyear contract with IKEA Canada, another multiyear contract with IKEA Canada, power purchase agreement with White Mesa Wind. In June 2017, Apex President and CEO Mark Goodwin joined with senior military officers and civilian leaders in a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the partnership and unprecedented project. D.E. In a banner year for corporate clean energy procurement, global energy research firm Wood Mackenzie named Apex the top C&I wind power provider overall and the top corporate renewable provider for 2019. Siemens Energy and Bentley Systems have jointly created a new intelligent analytics product to help oil & gas operators monitor and enhance the . The contract with Aviator Wind will help the tech company—the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy in 2018—reach its goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 75% and support 100% of its operations with renewable energy in 2020.

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