Caliber: 12 ga. Item #: UG553P2 UNIS GINEX PRIMER LARGE RIFLE 5000/CS . As D-4297 stated they do a fine job of filling loose pockets . …

AND contain at least one numeric character mounting of equipment and commissioning with performance proving. Federal® offers a full line of primers to meet your needs. Out of stock. Primer cup dimensions are controlled to four decimal places. for sale Remington Extensive Testing With a Variety Of commonly-Used Reloading powders Has Shown That New 209 Premier STS Primers, In Comparison With Other commonly-Used Primers, Create reductions Of Up To 40 ... Magnum Small Pistol Primer 1000 Count by FEDERAL AMMUNITIONIf you're a reloader and you want components that will do the trick every time. The loosest pockets took very little to seat Rem 9 1/2s,yet the Ginex felt just right . by Lowkey » Mon Jun 11, 2018 1:46 pm, Return to “AMMUNITION & RELOADING DISCUSSIONS”, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. These Primers Are Held To Exacting tolerances And Are manufactured using The Mos... CCI's unique priming formulation delivers hot, uniform powder ignition and is non corrosive and non mercuric. UNIS Ginex Primers (1) Winchester (47) Winchester Olin Bulk Component (1) Wolf Performance Ammo (5) SHOW ALL; SHOW LESS; MORE FILTERS IN STOCK NEW. I use Ginex,CCI,Winchester,Wolf,Remington small rifle primers in all of my 223's-Bolt action and three AR-15's. Never heard of them before. No restriction. Submit your own rating by logging in.

Goražde has its own development centre and production The #34 7.62mm & 30-06 NATO Spec Primers are produced to specifically match Mil Spec design for function in semi-automatic firearms. Rimfire 71. I have used a couple of thousand Ginex primers in SP and LR, go bang 100% of the time. For the other products not listed, as well as purchase details, please do not hesitate to contact us. We produce various types of initiating explosives and chemicals: UNIS Ginex Primers, trusted by lots of industrial remanufacturing business, readily available now in commercial packs at Ventura Munitions. Shell Pouches 6. Login to be notified when it's back in stock, I started priming 7.62x39 cases with these and broke my Lee Auto Bench Priming tool. ECO PRIMER 4,5/3-P1 for Small PistolECO PRIMER 4,5/3-P3 for Small RifleECO PRIMER 4,5/3-I for 5,56ECO PRIMER 5,5/3-P1 for Large pistolECO PRIMER 5,5/3-N for 7,62x51mm NATOECO PRIMER 12,7/3PRIMER 4,5/3-P1 for Small PistolPRIMER 4,5/3-P1-SP for .38 SPECIALPRIMER 4,5/3-P2 for Small pistol MAGNUMPRIMER 4,5/3-P-3 for Small riflePRIMER 4,5/3-I for 5,56PRIMER 4,5/3-N for 5,56PRIMER DM-1024PRIMER 1219-1100PRIMER 4,5-BPRIMER FG 150PRIMER No.1225PRIMER 5,5/3-P1 for Large pistolPRIMER 5,5/3-P2 for Large pistol MAGNUMPRIMER 5,5/3-N for Large riflePRIMER 5,5/3-N-P1PRIMER 5,50-0,60PRIMER 5,5-NSDPRIMER 5,50-0,70 M typ BERDANPRIMER 6,53-0,70PRIMER 6,55-DTNPRIMER 6,55-DTN-P2PRIMER M-61PRIMER 12,7/3PRIMER 12,7-DSKPRIMER SK-30CANNON PRIMER TK KV-3BLASTING CAP A-30-TINITIAL BLASTING CAP IDK-3INITIAL BLASTING CAP IDK-34DETONATOR UG 1344-B1DETONATOR UG 1019TRANSFERING CHARGE UG 1015-B2BLASTING CAP B-37-DBLASTING CAP DK-17BLASTING CAP KL-34BLASTING CAP KL-34-P1BLASTING CAP M-24BLASTING CAP M-24-P4INITIAL BLASTING IDK-M55TRANSMITTER N-1BOOSTER M-7PRIMER MG-8PRIMER B-37-IP1DELAY ELEMENT M84DELAY ELEMENT for Fuse for Hand Granade M 84PERCUSSION DETONATOR M84ELECTRIC DETONATOR ED-DDELECTRIC DETONATOR ED-P1ELECTRIC DETONATOR ED-P2ELECTRIC IGNITING DEVICE for smoke box M-79ELECTRIC IGNITION SQUIB NH-PCELECTRIC IGNITION SQUIB NH-10-1,5ELECTRIC SQUIB MB-2NFUZE PT M09-A1. Rifle 280. Primers all seated fine ,the brass with the tightest pockets took a little extra effort . ↳   CANIK (CENTURY & TRISTAR) GENERAL DISCUSSIONS, ↳   CANIK MODIFICATIONS, UPGRADES & AFTERMARKET PRODUCT REVIEWS, ↳   GENERAL FIREARM DISCUSSIONS (Non-Canik), ↳   COMPETITION: IDPA, IPSC, USPSA, 3-GUN DISCUSSIONS, ↳   BASIC FIREARM & DEFENSIVE SKILLS, DRILLS & TRAINING, ↳   UPCOMING COMPETITIONS, EVENTS & MEET UPS, ... e&ie=UTF-8.

Anybody use Unis Ginex SR primers? For detailed specification, please choose from the list below. Quantity: 1000 Manufacturer: Winchester Model: WMGSP. Discussion Section for Ammunition, Reloading and Handloading. I did a quick test right before dark and all is well . UNIS GINEX PRIMER 7.62mm NATO-SPEC 5000/CS . I was trying to get these in good for the SKS, But, I am a little concerned about a possibility of a slam fire. May 17, 2019 #2 Have not seen them in my part of the world - but talking with some UK top shooters last year, they were very keen. Primers, initial boosters, duplex and blasting caps, delay elements, electric primers for fuse assemblies of: 3.

5.5 / 3-P2 Large Pistol Mag (For use in:.45 ACP,.44 Mag).

Thx dryflash3. I have used Federal, Winchester, Remington, CCI, Tula, and S&B, and all are superior to UNIS. Global Warming Hoax Skeptic before it was cool Joined Jun 2007; Posts 47030; EE Offline; WA, USA.

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