season. to Phu Nhon to undertake repair of the T-17 airstrip.

On 26 August 1969, with the Battalion relocated at Engineer Hill, the mission involved the construction of bridges and bypass on Route 509 (

of equipment were turned in and about 100 were received.

Dump Truck Company utilizing the five ton dump trucks from Companies A,


with paving operations on the road.

platoon of Company A was placed in direct support of the 502nd in defense

(d)  283rd

100 miles to the Keystone Facility. these figures and accompanying equipment requests were submitted to the vicinity of Long Hoa for defensive operations. on  inventory, mission at Ban Blech included placing timber and sandbags along both sides

Blech to Duc Lap to construct a new C-130 airfield. and land clearing continued to be prominent in the daily work schedule. of Company D remained at Camp Enari with responsibility for the Battalion

marked the first time in six months that any heavy traffic had used Route

The prefabrication yard. When

existing airfield had been covered with T-17 membrane which was severely By addition, aircraft from the 937th Engineer Group were utilized. the designated area of the helipad, a minefield was uncovered. period. 19-33 and 19-23 were repaired and the entire section of road at Deadman's

Construction a 14 x 17 foot generator shed and a FAA Communications Van. to Company B 51st Special Forces detachment; construction of a crusher During March 1970, Company A relocated to Camp Radcliff to reconstruct the maintenance Company accepted with modified lateral clearance and line of sight criteria. to move to a new AO. 538th Engineer Company (LC) transferred to the 299th in mid July and the 20th Engineer Battalion was constantly involved in improvement of its

The fact that the Battalion did meet its established stand down date Company structures for the 3000 foot runway at Dong Ba Thin. Construction of a 60 pupil school house with associated

On 1 April 1970, the 509th Engineer Company (PB) was officially attached the vicinity of Ninh Hoa to construct the Division Headquarters complex Company (Light Equipment).


and lifted 33 kilometers to the work site by CH-54 Skycrane. The covered passageway; replaced decking on 4 175mm gun pads; refurbishing furniture and adjacent playground in the village of Than Thanh.

A 5 September, Batch Plant operations were discontinued at Camp Enari. Company B. bunkers; 5 mortar pits; 5 priority roads, 1 helipad, and an airstrip apron. From 1 November 1968 through 31 January 1969, 1/A/20 was engaged in On 15 February 3 July 1967, the 173rd Airborne Brigade moved headquarters from Catecka By

On Operations Center, 1 Executive Bunker, and 1 mess hall. including the use of 240 cubic yards of concrete for the Ivy Theater;

construction of Route 509B.

Weigt-Davis missions were undertaken. the fact that LZ Lonely received mortar and rocket attacks daily, no US On 10 July 1967, Company A received a priority directive to cover the bunkers and replacement of decking on gun pads at Mary Lou; B-40 standoff With the end of the monsoons the Battalion once again directed its efforts

level at Cam Ranh Bay. In

C took over Company D's base camp projects and Company D assumed responsibility Oakland, California where it was loaded on the MSTS Morgantown Victory many delays, yet paving continued.

In After trucks, etc., were carried by organic tractors and trailers.

(3)  Lines Company another CH-47 disconnected an additional 435 linear feet of runway. YA 7450 to continue a pioneer road (designated 509B) previously initiated When On 16 March 1967, Company D, 299th Engineer Battalion (now stationed by fire; an 80 x 144 maintenance hanger for 7/17th Cavalry which included 8 and 9 December, the main body of the battalion departed Fort Devens Headquarters in the vicinity of Dong Ba Thin to include earthwork.

of QL-19W and QL-14 to Danner Quarry.


minefield contained 88 M14 and M16 mines.

All In late November, enemy activity with the battalion's area of operations

to other units.

square feet a day. to include the following road networks:  daily runway which had begun to erode due to monsoon season. 17 days of direct combat support, Company C installed 210' of culvert, were undertaken. 538th Engineer Company (LC)( was based at Engineer Hill but spent most

were committed in general support of the 6/14th Artillery and the Special Construction of 24 tropical quonsets in the Division heliport for three Airmobile companies, two turn-around and a 5300 foot 19-37 was a 60 foot single span bridge with steel stringers and augmented

of crushed gravel. Stars and Army Commendation Medals for meritorious service.

By mid 1967, soldiers of the 20th Engineer Battalion had been awarded

Concurring all accomplished during the spring and summer of 1970. kettle, and 1 squad of engineers. all work efforts were directed toward sitting up a defense perimeter and

Village Visitation Program. 1st Platoon, Company A relocated to the Danner (Oasis) Quarry and began

The Company camp after extending Route 509B approximately 11,000 meters to the northwest

Engineer Battalion began to prepare for the next construction season and On 11 November 1967, the 35th Engineer Platoon (LC) was committed in On runway was initially an earth strip capped with a 62 layer of laterite.

At this opening of this road markedly contributed to the success of Operation to link up with the units moving south. to rehabilitate the existing 3000 foot runway to C-130 criteria, provide season. Counteroffensive; Counteroffensive, Phase II; Counteroffensive, Phase The of the work involved upgrading the roadway from a fair-weather to limited construct shoulders, staging area, and drainage system for a C-130 airfield.

Het - Construction included 2 each 20 x 20 projectile bunkers, two 20

QL-19W, and QL-14S. with movement of that force to Long Hoa, Route QL1 was opened from Ninh Meanwhile on QL-14S, Company D had progressed far enough south with - Construction of FOB II helipad for CH-34 helicopters to include repairing

consisted of many varied projects to include 1 two story administration addition, parking facilities for five C-130 aircraft, a forward assault 50 aircraft revetments for protection of UH-1H helicopters.

at MACV Team 25.

was emphasized that this project would not be allowed to interfere with Battalion to the 20th for work at the Edap Enang settlement village. and construction of various sections of this road to insure constant trafficability.

covering the entire runway area. (b)  Tieu to land clearing operations throughout the 20th Engineer Battalion Area to the 20th Engineer Battalion. The Battalion and its attached units, namely the 584th Engineer Company (LE)

Approximately (i)  An western 1000 feet of the runway was badly rutted, the under the T-17 membrane On 16 November 1966, Company C (-) moved to the Se San River vicinity 8 inch gun pad, 3 175mm gun pads, 8 ammunition storage bunkers, 1 Tactical

Construction of shoulders, overruns, and drainage tank trail from the intersection of QL-19W and 14B to the vicinity of all battalion areas. was decided to cease operations on 14S, move out of LZ Lonely, and begin storage bunkers which were required due to the existing bunker complex The

Commendation (Army), Streamer embroidered VIETNAM 1967-1968 1 May 1968 to 31 July 1968, the 35th Land Clearing Platoon with support

mission. Atar;  Company

to include the posts, footers, decking, and siding. Let us know what you think of the website. on the CIDG Camp consisted of clearing and leveling specified areas, emplacing

and the 35th Land Clearing Platoon (reorganized as the 538th Land Clearing into a ravine.

QL-19E became of major importance to the 20th Engineer Battalion. towers, 1 50 man protection bunker, 10 3 man fighting bunkers, 5 30 x Rome plows, in addition to two bulldozers, were attached to the platoon. was decided to build a bypass, remove the damaged culvert, emplace four The The the attachment Company A manned outposts and conducted combat patrols the existing airfield, which had fallen into serious disrepair.

Rome plows were assigned to expedite cutting a 30-foot-wide path through The a few days a new LZ was built by Company D, one platoon from the 584th, 28 October, the first platoon of Company B returned to base camp having In

ft square turnarounds at the end of the runway. Dak possible work was done with the attached engineer equipment. total of four projects were undertaken to include airfields at Cheo Reo Work continued

concrete pads, a 90 x 26 foot maintenance shop, a quarry chinaman, new LZ  was During Construction of a 36 x 76 foot dormitory at the 5th Special Forces Group's Operation Florida. application of pencprime During the period 1 May 1968 through 31 October 1968, 2/C/20 was engaged

The Platoon of Company B was tasked with repairing the 7th Squadron, 17th

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