The UAW have responded with none of what most scandal-beset organizations might do—appoint an independent investigator, fire all those suspected of violating the rules, hire a forensic accountant, and/or change practices to prevent future misdeeds. We love to hate them. “dive deeper”) to provide a more detailed explanation. They issued a standard “thoughts and prayers” sympathy statement. James Elliott is a lawyer and contributing writer to Newsroom. Some of Boeing’s largest customers are rethinking their orders. “Disruptors” are companies, individuals, and inventions that change the status quo.

This phrase undervalues that effort. The person who nominated this document said: A good friend of mine came in waving her (copy of this letter) at me saying she had a master’s degree in English and couldn't understand a word of it. Now blame has shifted to the board of directors, who apparently focused only on how soon the 737 MAX would help the bottom line, and the FAA, which ignored warnings and trusted Boeing. It’s much harder to think long-term, to convince your business to do things the “right way,” or to justify an investment in R&D. Which promptly broke.

These 2019 Awards recognise the best and worst in government and corporate communications as nominated anonymously by members of the public. Having struggled with Olympic defeat, former Black Sticks captain Chris Arthur is now helping the current crop of Olympians deal with disappointment, Start your day with our best stories in your inbox.

“‘Let’s take it offline’ – this is an excuse not to deal with the situation. As New Zealand moves from crisis to recovery mode the need to support local industry has been brought into sharp relief.

In today’s world, “digital” is the (very vague) means by which most businesses aspire to transform. Learn more about what big data really means here. Sometimes the speaker wants the person they’re talking to to carry on thinking about it in the meantime, without them. Nothing is in your wheelhouse, Diane. But in B2C especially, calling it a customer journey might be overstating things.

Here are 5 Links to Check Out. Respondents can safely poke fun at the word, because they can be sure they haven’t recently said it themselves.

As one respondent defined it: “Best practice – we are going to apply a one size fits all model because we don’t understand your business.”. A saltier respondent complained: “You’re not a sea captain. Looks like it’s time for a change.”. She's on a mission to tell their stories, and drive change in how business technology is bought and sold. In 2019, the act of calling out “synergy” for being cliché business jargon itself feels a bit cliché. “Most people don’t really know what this is,” explained one respondent. There are more ways than ever to communicate. So it was fitting and hilarious when the recent launch of the much-acclaimed Tesla Cybertruck turned into every event manager’s vision of hell: In an attempt to demonstrate the unbreakable nature of his invincible new vehicle, Musk ordered an employee to throw a metal ball at the window. Its meaning is pretty simple, according to our survey takers: “Synergy – A made-up word that just means cooperation or teamwork.”. Accusing the employee of throwing the ball too hard, he told him to throw it again, at another window. Many residents were frustrated by this communication. Consensus is that three-letter business acronyms were especially annoying.

Most recently, news has surfaced that engineers knew about the failings of the plane’s safety alert system within months of the first delivery—and a year before the first 737 MAX crash. It means “in the end,” or looking back when all is said and done. Or else, they haven’t been listening until now, but they’re ready to pay attention. “Take it offline” is similar to “circle back,” but harsher. I hate “synergy” just as much as anyone else. But literal or figurative, it gets at the heart of business. Most times it is never taken offline and never resolved,” as one respondent explained. First, Boeing deflected blame to the pilots and the airline’s procedures. Really, they are,” message. This is poor performance for a very important matter, and a huge opportunity missed. Typically, it means contacting someone via email, text, phone call, or instant message. As one person put it, “Working more Agile-like is not an overnight terminology shift.

Duh, right? But on the ground, “best practices” can feel canned, and get way too basic to be helpful. “There’s simply no journey on Amazon,” a survey-taker put it bluntly.

I received a lot of positive feedback from professionals who took the survey and were pumped about the research. In recent years Uber’s toxic culture at the top brought on a long list of scandals. “Touch base” is super common in professional settings. Far more important are the regulatory bodies that may be the only thing standing between him and world domination. The speaker wishes to halt the conversation immediately. But often the phrase “we don’t know what we don’t know” stands in as an excuse for not making progress, or not involving people who do know what you don’t.

It’s harmless enough, in theory. If you’re accused of of having sex with a 17-year-old girl procured by a convicted sex offender, but not very experienced with public interviews, then agreeing to sit down for a chat with the BBC is certifiable madness. To “reach out” is a euphemism for contacting someone–usually not by walking over to them, or being anywhere within arm’s reach. But it has failed miserably to think about how to get that message across in plain language. Copyright © 2020 Paine Publishing. We don’t always stop to think about the impact of that on ourselves and the other humans around us. “…a small group of N.R.A. Especially in complex business arenas where you might actually want help from someone who knows what they’re doing, “best practices” can be an empty promise.

To “move the needle” simply means to make measurable progress. [Accuro has] done a good job creating a user experience that is clear and helpful, which is refreshing for an insurance organisation!

After WeWork’s IPO collapsed, the company teetered on the brink of bankruptcy. Also hated is its relative, “touchpoint,” which manages to be too personal and too impersonal all at once. It’s already universally recognized as meaningless, disingenuous corporate-speak. Another poses the question: “Which other way would you go?”. This one’s pretty straightforward. But love it or hate it, if you’re in business, you can’t stray too far from this kind of thinking. I know the survey also led to introspection, and some self-consciousness about how each of us speak in the workplace. Well, business buzzwords are a double-edged sword. It gives a great first impression, drawing the reader in from the start. [The letter] appears to be written for people who understand council processes, not for those who will be most affected by the change. Yet depite CEO Travis Kalanick’s resignation, a new CEO, and a reported half billion in image-enhancement ads, its image has not much improved. This is why people are annoyed by this word. Sadly, it does not involve scuba gear or a vacation to Aruba. Purdue Pharma’s silence and secrecy with the media is at the heart of the opioid manufacture’s woes.

Things get confusing and feel impersonal.

After 14 years of Awards, New Zealanders continue to reap the benefits of business and government using clear communication to engage with their clients, consumers, and customers. Like Adam Neumann he believes so firmly in his vision of the future and the role his companies will play that he has lost all sense of what his words and actions are doing to public perception, specifically with legislative bodies around the world. Is buying something really so existential and moving an experience as to be worthy of being called “a journey”? Their response is, essentially, “Crisis, what crisis?”.

I've been called The Queen Of Measurement, but I prefer Seshat, the Goddess. In July of 2019 UAW officials began to be charged by federal prosecutors,  starting with a former aide to a UAW VP who agreed to a plea deal. Respondents find “circle back” annoying because it sounds unnatural, and they don’t always believe that the speaker will actually come back to the topic. Not long afterwards former UAW VP Norwood Jewell was sentenced to 15 months in prison for accepting more than $40,000 worth of travel and meals from Ford Chrysler. But its woes have only gotten worse; it was deeply involved in the recent financial crisis, accused of helping create the housing bubble, and is being investigated as part of the Trump Russia inquiry. But all of them are confusing and pretentious–the jargon-iest of business jargon. Awards founder, and CE of plain language consultancy Write Limited, Lynda Harris said care is one of the qualities associated with plain English that she holds closest to her heart. But it’s getting murkier, with the rise of the gig economy, flexible work schedules, and venture capital-funded entrepreneurship at an all-time high. There has been a 40 percent increase in Americans applying for NZ visas, in the months ahead of today’s polarised US election. All of them are annoying. To take a “deep dive” means to look at something in detail, and consider all the ins and outs. Lyft has long been seen as a more socially responsible company than Uber, and leveraged that image to capture a healthy share of Uber’s disgruntled customers.

At the end of the day, no one has a great answer to that. Your one-stop shop for the educational resources you need to master communications & marketing measurement.

Stop using this term,” advises one fed-up survey-taker. The more “alignment” is uttered, the more you might wonder–how far apart are we? 764 professionals weighed in. Think simple machines, like the mechanics of a lever. People are annoyed by the arbitrary, sensational drive for progress. But the safety systems didn’t actually work, and 20 more women went public with similar stories. I'd expect it to have a positive impact on sales to new customers and existing customer retention and engagement. Aside from reminding people that they’re working (rather than enjoying the beauty of the seas), it’s annoying because the person saying it wants you to go back and do more work (i.e.

Lesson: Forget the big ad budget, change the culture and show people you’re actually doing something to turn the company around. That’s nothing new—it’s a maxim of crisis comms that the people in charge establish the culture and the culture causes a crises—but it’s a lesson yet to be learned by too many organizations. For example, one person complained about being asked “Can you reach out to…?” by saying, “Let’s face it, if you hear this phrase you’re about to have yourself a rather unpleasant conversation. But don’t mistake this attitude for laziness. Lesson: Replying “No Comment” doesn’t make the question go away, it just makes the media go looking for answers elsewhere.

Lots of survey takers simply said they hated all acronyms and seemingly unnecessary abbreviations, “because I have no idea what the letters or shortened names mean.”. The problem is: what’s the goal, and how much exactly do you need to move the needle to succeed at “moving the needle?” These loopholes frustrate people, especially because bosses often say “move the needle” when they’re putting pressure on teams to do better, faster. The council is trying to bring a planning change to the attention of its ratepayers and residents.

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