WoT’s New!?! Armor is above average, HP at 2,400 is excellent, and mobility is now much better. IS-3 is a brawler – hull down combat master. And last but not least SPGs that bounce between high damage per shot and flexibility. The line that is the closest comparison to the Italians would be the Czechoslovakian tank line. For other nations pop over to the complete which tank line is right for you guide below. You either bounce or you don't. One can imagine how pleasant this game must be for a new player when the first people they meet are seal clubbing platoons of 3, trolls in low tiers (classic setup: M2 Medium with deep, Panzer 1c’s with full gold). This choice determines whether or not you enjoy the game since each tank line plays differently than another. Dying breaths? Minitelrose visiting from EU, occasional player/forumer in the NA. If you like hard hitting tanks that have a little pep in their step then the Object 277 fits that role perfectly. Thing is, it is atrociously slow so it does not reach the battlefield in time to make a significant impact. There are also two mini high tier medium tank lines. The gun is stereotypically German, sporting heaps of penetration and gun handling. Its a [edited]tank with [edited]gun selection. Your gun options still pack a mean punch for your tier and mobility is above average. The Japanese mediums on the other hand are mobile, have poor armor, and excellent firepower. A turret and decent speed allow the Skorpion to fly around the battlefield seamlessly and manufacture shots that would be simply unavailable to the Ferdinand or JP2. There is no bigger turn off than a stinky tier 7 tank you play that can‘t do anything to its contemporaries. This tank is a beast at destroying vehicles and look classy doing so.

The AT-1 is fairly slow tank destroyer for tier 2, but it makes up for it with two above average top guns. E8 is better Comet per tier, T20 is a bit outdated, but has gread camo and view range, Pershing is completely obsolete, M46 has horrible stock grind and needs to be played full gold, but it’s awesome in some way. Only T43 is likely bad. 360m.

In general, these tank destroyers has thin armor for their great mobility and rotating turrets. If you can overcome that it is a very rewarding tank to play. STAR1 NA top 10 all-time ranked player - Blitzstars NA top 10 most winning all-time ranked player - Blitzstars NA top 10 highest career WN8 all-time ranked player - #1 ranked driver E75 STAR1 - Blitzstars 49 different vehicles with top 10 all-time NA WN8 - 40 unique career 3000+ damage averages at high tiers - Captain of 5 top 8 NA tournament appearances - Content creator of map meta defining Blitz YT content - 1 of 3 Bushka masterclass candidates. It’s difficult to really strike fear into higher tiers since the gun doesn’t do a ton of damage per shot. Being reasonably mobile, with trollish protection that works and a good gun, in the hands of a competent user this vehicle can work really well. However, if the player desires to spot and help the team in the late game, binoculars will help out big time to reach that view range cap. Is The Progetto 65 Nerf Actually Needed?

At tier 5 you get the first taste of a heavy tank with the KV-1 which is a stellar tank at tier 5. World of Warships Global Fanbase (Facebook) A general trait most French tanks share are auto-loaders with excellent burst damage at the higher tiers. If you are looking for the best line to go up, it would have to be either the Death Star, or the Jageroo line. Most American tanks don’t specialize in any given area and are considered a “jack of all trades” tank. The guns they equip have decent damage/DPM for light tanks and also have very good penetration on … We promise to handle your information in line with our privacy policy. WoT’s New!? The pancake turret design paired with the steeply angled hull armor makes this light tank have over 200mm. The gun is fantastic and can really put the hurt on any tank you engage, but the armor profile you receive for the mobility you trade is not favorable. That's odd, and really awkward to play around. Branching off of the T-44 is the Object 430. This can be seen in the development of the IS tank.

This is due to most tanks being particularly below average unless fully elite in the Polish tech tree. 380m. In my experience I always wanted to get up close and personal with the SU to firstly output as much damage as possible, but also to negate some of that poor gun handling. The Object 277 lacks a little gun depression(-5.5°) and its hull armor can be penetrated easily. This forces you to play slightly closer to the main fight since with .43 accuracy it can be tough to hit shots at 250m+ at times. For a light you are more of a opportunistic flanker given the average guns and great mobility. Which Italian Tank Line is Right for You? However, it does still do a lot right and doesn’t have a ton of glaring weaknesses. If the 122m suits you then you can skip the 85mm although the 85mm makes your damage potential more reliable since it doesn’t rely on HE shells. Because, more derp komrad. The 105mm top gun is an amazing piece of armament. Overall the IS-7 since being changed in 9.20 is a competitive tank now. The biggest change compared to the 7/1 is a new turret, it’s very cylindrical rather than the traditional 7/1’s design. There is the even easier road without grinding any modules, ~ the Premium Shop Tech tree line this from Tier to Tier 8 ~, you just need lots of money & credit Card has very good mobility, excellent turret armor for a light tank, and decent gun stats. World of Tanks Russian Tanks | Main Tank Destroyer Line | T-60 (Tier 2) -> Object 268 (Tier 10) T-60 & T-70 (Tier 2-3) The T-60 and T-70 are decently mobile light tanks with above average guns on them. Choose between the higher DPM gun or the more accurate gun depending on your needs. To achieve this they tend to pack the biggest guns in their respective Tiers, and shred their opposition with either brutal alpha damage or high DPM values, as well as exceptional penetration.

IS-4 Tank Guide: https://wotguru.com/tank-guide-4/, IS-4 Weak Spots: https://wotguru.com/weak-spots-guide-is-4/.

By using the site, you are consenting to this. Albeit a newcomer to World of Tanks. Gross. Just wondering what the best tank destroyer line is overall? However your damage per shot jumps from 600 to 1,050. Object 257 is a pure heavy or medium line brawler. Full Which Czechoslovakian Tank Line is Right for You Guide. Which British Tank Line is Right for You? Object 257 is a good tier 9 heavy tank. Swedish tanks in World of Tanks consist of a tank destroyer, a split medium and heavy tank line.

100LT is very fast and can easily maintain that 72 km/h speed. The IS-4 excels at nothing in particular but doesn’t lack in any one area to much to be considered a negative. Finally a tank that is not truly bad in its stock form. 360m view range isn’t very useful at this tier, if you meet tier 8 tanks. With 390m view range, coated optics and a few view range crew skills will allow to reach the max cap and above. After finishing with the KV-1S you move into the IS-1/2(just named IS in game) which keeps some of the traits of the KV series but improves upon it.

A mixed auto-loader line with superb burst and DPM. After you elite the T-44 you have the option of going to the T-54(T-62a/Object 140) and/or the Object 430U).

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