The kissing scenes were unprecedented and raw something I have never experienced in most dramas I watched. I would recommend you watch both. Indeed the Chinese dramas have improved quite a lot the past few years, which makes me very happy. She portrays very convincingly her character in different stages of the story: naïve, innocent, independent, self-reliant, repentant, torn between love and duty etc. One of the reasons the cinematography of “Ashes of Love” is so amazing is due to the fact that the drama had a big budget. I am a Kdrama fan first. I just can’t get over the frustrating sad ending in Legend of Yunxi. Thank You to Each person that contributed to the 5 Stars ⭐️ Drama . If (in the beginning) the story is not enough to catch your attention (although it is hard to imagine), the cinematography alone might be a good enough reason for you to continue watching this drama until you catch up with the story. Both realms are populated with both righteous or greed-driven beings. Fire Immortal is, without a doubt, the most positive character in this drama. One of the most recurrently criticized aspects of a Chinese fantasy dramas is the low quality CGI and the resulting cringe-worthy cinematography.

I realized I was missing out! Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost – Review, Best Korean Dramas of 2019 - My top 10 - Asian Dramas, The Secret of the Three Kingdoms. ?” It is one of the best Chinese fantasy dramas in recent years.

Ashes of Love (Chinese prequel) Native Title: 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Also Known As: Xiang Mi Chen Chen Jin Ru Shuang , Heavy Sweetness , Ash-like Frost , 香蜜沉沉燼如霜 , Love when the stars fall One of the underlying messages of the dramas seem to be that no evil goes unpunished and justice needs to be served even in the afterlife. Only one thing: a school girl like me could work with special effects even better than an adult. It is based on the novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost by Dian Xian. Thank you to write nice things of our dramas and specially this one.

And has become a part of me. The cycle of tension, climax, and tragedy tugs at all of the emotions.

I probably gave away more details that I originally intended, so I will add another mild spoiler by saying that the story has a happy ending, but it will take you from the heights of joy to the pits of sorrow and back again in the process. Xu Feng comes back to life as the Demon Lord and challenges the Night Immortal, Run Yu (Luo Yun Xi), who took over the throne as the Heavenly Emperor. But things have improved considerably in this department as well, so I predict that in a matter of a few years the Korean entertainment industry will have a serious contender for the title of best Asian dramas. A special mention goes to Luo Yunxi (Night Immortal) who played admirably the most complex character of the entire drama. I have to read the English Caption and sometimes I miss all that they are saying. (Please note that I grew up watching Chinese movies which were excellent) However, The Chinese dramas have been steadily improving. But even In This, it seems that the Characters are now a part of me. I still remember the painful-to-watch CGI scenes from “Journey of Flower” a few years back. I am going to be a graphic designer and actually I need to be in college just for the title. In Chinese folklore, a love trial is a heartbreaking and tragic love-story and is considered the most appropriate and painful path to purify oneself from past sins. Enjoy! Enter your email address to subscribe to EastAsianDrama and receive notifications of new posts by email. I have never noticed him before, but now he gained a new fan and has my full attention. She establishes a magical barrier designed to not let her daughter have any contact with the outside world and seals her true nature with a spell. I I must say that Chinese and Thai were my least favourite, I found them lacking in the past and the number of EPISODES . Totally agreed with the statistics Author-sama gave up. I just finished this beautiful drama. When Jin Mi becomes caught between the two warring lords, what will be her destiny? Unfortunately, only the most popular dramas are translated into English right away; other dramas get subtitled (by fans) months after the release, for example “A Step into the Past”, while others never make it to the non-Chinese speaking public. I have started watching some Wuxia Cdramas and stopped due to CGI’s and sometimes lack of acting skills. Since then I have been in a Chinese-drama-hunting mode.

the second male lead RUNYU ., I agree that the series could’ve been done in 50 episodes. “Ashes of Love” is a … This is not a sappy love story. The intense and tragic love-story of “Ashes of Love” has a very strong appeal.

Oh and Music is in my heart. I recommend it wholeheartedly. When Jin Mi becomes caught between the two warring lords, what will be her destiny? I first saw Deng Lun (Fire Imortal/Phoenix) in “Princess Agents” and I became instantly a fan of his acting. I laughed, cried (I seldom cry) hoped, felt pain…a whole gamut of emotions. Your email address will not be published. I haven’t finished the series yet, but I really hope there’s a series two! Wanna watch one more episode (until the sun rises)!” to “What the heck just happened? This was a must watch and I enjoyed each and every episode even if I couldn’t understand the language but the caption was there. Hey I’m an English person – it’s my first experience with Wuxia drama except for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

I am an American, who lives in the U S. And have never watched a Chinese show before, but I MUST say, what an extraordinary and wonderful show this was! The Floral Fairy (the ruler of the Floral Realm) is severely injured and has little time to live as she gives birth to her child.

While the main characters are very well written, some secondary characters felt two-dimensional.

I enjoyed watching “Ashes of Love” much more than I expected I would. Like you, I giggled, laughed, mad, and cried with this drama. It follows a sweet, yet tragic love-story that will have to go through the trials of life and death in order to be purified. He is slightly arrogant, but he is understanding and forgiving to a fault. Plot and Review, Underrated Korean Dramas with Huge International Success, Contract Marriage/Fake Relationships Korean Dramas, Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Love Destiny). Although the immortal beings do not experience death by aging or illness, the… I think that if it weren’t for the language barrier, dramas like this one would be critically acclaimed worldwide and would receive international awards.

This Drama is Excellent. Despite their parents, the two half-brothers share a strong bond. My Top 6 List, Chinese Dramas for Beginners. It is well written and it comes with as much action as romance. In addition, I have watched some really great dramas – Jin Mi’s arch story follows the coming-of-age pattern. He is very close to Fire Immortal. This Drama has let me experience all of my emotions sincerely. I completely agree with JAT.As Legend of Yunxi was,I hate fact that it had a sat ending. However If you’re looking for historical drama i would highly recommend NIRVANA ON FIRE..

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