Privacy Assured:Your email address is nevershared with anyone, ©Copyright 2011 -. First, these fish should be big if they are adults. Although they are not nearly as flashy or colorful as other types of koi, Chagoi are still a welcome addition to koi ponds. Live Arrival Guarantee. There are two patterns of Chagoi – “with fukurin” and “without fukurin.” Fukurin (foo’-kure-in) is when each scale is highlighted with a black edging, giving the fish a “fishnet” pattern over the brown coloration. The bright, luminous white of Hariwake differs from the softer, matte-white of Kohaku and Sanke. Koi fish for sale delivered next day. Let us know more about what you are searching for and we will look into our inventory to help you find the perfect koi. The red or orange pattern will develop up from the bottom of the body as the koi ages. (function($){window.fnames=new Array();window.ftypes=new Array();fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';fnames[1]='FNAME';ftypes[1]='text';fnames[2]='LNAME';ftypes[2]='text';}(jQuery));var $mcj=jQuery.noConflict(true); Your email address will not be published. You will rarely ever see these and regret goes a long way when you realize how rare these are. decades later their is a small petshop open in my place and that starts me from buying aquarium and fishes that are sold in the pet store decades later start growing goldfish and koi fish until today. Get your free mini-course on adopting, raising and keeping active and healthy Koi fishes. Probably the most intriguing variety of koi, Kumonryu will completely change their pattern many times throughout their life. These Koi are actually thought to be more friendly and more intelligent than most of the other Koi. Just enter your first name and e-mail address in the form below, and we'll email you your first lesson right now. The Koi in the picture is the actual koi for sale. Kodama Koi Farm is the premier destination for quality Japanese koi for sale. This helps you make sure it can be differentiated from a simple common carp. Got any questions? Once they are adults, the Chagoi Koi should end up being very larger. Complete this form and we will follow up with you directly.

As an adult, a Chagoi is prized most highly if it fulfills a destiny of great size – as much as 40 inches or more. Chagoi can however get temporary blackish marks on the body from handling. Chagoi are judged for quality by how consistent the color is from head to tail number one. Essentially, they are brown Koi, but there still are different quality levels and various traits that can be quite valuable as well. Such a fish should be bought on sight. or a large mayo bottle since We don't have aquariums yet on that time. And don’t forget, as with any new fish, please be sure to quarantine all new fish being added to your collection. Chagoi Koi – The Traits Of This Beautiful Brown Koi. The basic Chagoi Koi are a beautiful brown and they have a nice personality as well. The pectorals should be large and paddle shaped, and there should be no splits in the fins or the dorsal fin.

The dorsal fin or other fins should have no splits in them and the pectorals on the Chagoi Koi should be paddle shaped and quite large.

Let’s discuss these and the other traits that make a “good” Chagoi. chagoi koi, chagoi koi for sale, chagoi koi fish, gin rin chagoi koi, Hariwake with a bright yellow pattern are commonly referred to as Lemon Hariwake. Hariwake display a solid metallic-white base coupled with bright, vibrant patterns of yellow or orange. Kokaku, the oldest and most well known variety of koi, have a solid white base with patterns of red overlaid on top of the white. Hanako was a fascinating old chagoi koi. They are lovely and may come with or without the fukurin. Kin Kikokuryu combine orange or yellow with the black and white patterns of Kikokuryu to form the newest variety of koi in the industry. Chagoi. Goromo are, in essence, a Kohaku with blue or black edging added to each red scale. **Double-check your email for accuracy to ensure you receive your free mini course. 5 inch Yellow Blue Doitsu Koi Koi. Not the biggest but certainly the oldest koi carp ever recorded in history.

We consistently have almost zero loss during shipping and acclimation of our fish. Chagoi (Chah’-goy)It is almost universally agreed to be the friendliest of the koi classifications because it is the most aggressive at feeding time and almost always the first fish to become hand-tame. They are very easy to train to hand feed, and most koi will follow the Chagoi once they realize how it accepts food so quickly. Often it is some of the brighter Koi that end up being the popular choices, but there are also some Koi that aren’t quite as bright, although they still are quite popular. Chagoi – (CHAH goy) Non metallic light brown koi, There are two patterns of Chagoi – “with fukurin” and “without fukurin.” Fukurin (foo’-kure-in) is when each scale is highlighted with a black edging.

You’ll discover this pet is probably more intelligent than other koi in your pond too. Chagoi are the friendliest and most docile Koi breed to the point that most actually like interaction with people. Monday – Friday The paler the brown of the Chagoi the more valuable it is. We are proud to be members of many Japanese Nishikigoi organizations and to have multiple winners in the All Japan Koi Shows. The blue net pattern is replaced by a single row of scales along the dorsal line at the top of the back. Rootbeer Chagoi – There’s probably a fancy name for this color but it’s more fun to call them Rootbeer Chagoi. Red Hi Utsuri are superior to orange. They are also very hungry, which means they get very larger. Buy superior quality koi and fish shipped directly to you. Chagoi (Chah’-goy)It is almost universally agreed to be the friendliest of the koi classifications because it is the most aggressive at feeding time and almost always the first fish to become hand-tame.. The net pattern is created by a black edging on each individual scale. I have been in fish keeping hobby for over 35 years.

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