sword: Jiàngzāi 降灾.

Back inside, Jin GuangShan pressures Jiang Cheng to reconsider the marriage between Jiang YanLi and Jin ZiXuan. However, when Lan WangJi is unable to unsheathe Wei WuXian's sword, it gives a bit of hope that the latter is still alive somewhere.

His parents died while he was still a baby. While they warm up by the fire, Wei WuXian tends to Lan WangJi's wound, even using his sacred headband as a rope for the makeshift leg cast.

Suddenly, Wen Ning comes up to Lan SiZhui to ask for his name and upbringing as he is reminded of Wen Yuan. The lotus crops are not doing well and Wen Yuan's playfulness causes him to pull out the only seedling. He became blind when he gave his eyes to Song Lan who have been injured by Xue Yang. Wei WuXian then lies about what is inside, keeping the piece a secret. Tension arises and Wei WuXian loses control. When Jin ZiXun challenges the other disciples, Wei WuXian steps out to hit all of the targets while blindfolded. You just have to be patient to gradually pull off the layers and understand the full picture.

However, the disciples point their arrows at him. – He’s the best at controlling his facial expressions while acting out of his members. Song Lan is a cultivator from Baixue Temple. I have not much to complain about regarding the rest of the cast. In Wei WuXian and Jiang Cheng's room, Wei WuXian fails to leave and find Lan WangJi as their freedom is taken away.

Yanli’s love interest is Jin Zixuan whom she later marries and bore him a son, Jin Ling. [citation needed], The series aired every Thursday and Friday (GMT +08:00) with two episodes each, with Tencent VIP members able to access two more episodes ahead of time. But Jin Ling stabs Wei WuXian before they manage to escape.

While Jin Ling and Jiang Cheng escape, Jiang Cheng hands Wei WuXian his flute Chen Qing.

His favored son is Jin Zixuan whom he preferred to be his successor. With the music of the flute, the man gives Wen Chao vivid hallucinations. The Untamed (Chinese: 陈情令; pinyin: Chén Qíng Lìng) is a 2019 Chinese web series loosely based on the BL xianxia novel Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo.

Lan WangJi goes to see Lan QiRen so Lan XiChen brings Wei WuXian back to the Quiet Room. Wei WuXian gets agitated and leaves with Lan WangJi, but Jiang Cheng chases after them and initiates another fight. That night, Lan WangJi leaves for GuSu while he bids goodbye to the oblivious and drunk Wei WuXian sleeping on the roof. However, Jiang Cheng finds them and starts insulting him and Lan WangJi. The Jin sect is based at Carp Tower in Lanling. Inside, Wei WuXian has to be cautious as his Mo XuanYu identity had been kicked out of the Jin Sect for causing trouble.

However, Lan WangJi avoids the question and looks for water.

Lan XiChen then approaches Meng Yao to praise his talent and choice of present. Song Lan tries to let Xiao XingChen touch the carving on his sword but fails and Xue Yang leaves him to die. However, Nie HuaiSang continues to deny it. Jiang YanLi speaks up for her brother while Wei WuXian cries silently. Wen Qing then lies to them and agrees to hide the YunMeng siblings in the YiLing Supervisory Office. His purpose was revenge as he had been cruelly treated by his mother’s sister and her family as well as being cast out of the Jin sect. Back inside, the Wen remnants throw a surprise dinner for Wei WuXian to show their appreciation. However, MianMian's excitement over Jiang YanLi's and Jin ZiXuan's marriage causes the latter to walk off. When Wei WuXian pities on Xiao XingChen and Song Lan's fate, Lan WangJi gets equally emotional and drinks a cup of wine that Wei WuXian has poured for himself.

However, Wei WuXian attacks Jin ZiXuan and the other Jin disciples in rage, causing Lan WangJi to stop him personally.

After asking Lan JingYi, Jin Ling goes to look for him but Jiang Cheng stops him. When Qin Su learned of the secret, she was immobilized by Guangyao and later died when she took a knife and stabbed herself in front of everyone. Wei WuXian then uses the Stygian Tiger Seal to control BaXia and lead it into Nie MingJue's coffin. When he also explains why he killed Jin GuangShan, Lan XiChen slaps him. However, I wouldn’t say that the whole drama and its ending are disappointing.

Title: The Untamed # of Episodes: 50 Release Date: June 27th, 2019 Where to Watch: YouTube. However, when Jin Ling wakes, he runs away and Wei WuXian gets caught by Jiang Cheng while chasing for him.

When he realises that Wen Ning's consciousness is sealed, he discovers two black nails in his head and pulls them out. The fight continues, awakening the sleeping beast.

Over at the Nightless City, Wen RuoHan punishes a disciple in front of Wen Qing in order to teach her a lesson. Jin Ling then lies to Jiang Cheng to free Wei WuXian and justifies that it's because he doesn't believe Wei WuXian is the real deal. Lan XiChen stops the fight with his Lie Bing flute. Wei WuXian then instructs Wen Ning to keep watch outside while he and Lan WangJi try to enter from the back. As they are enveloped in mist, they bump into the disciples who are night-hunting together. Wei WuXian gets bored of copying passages and decides to apologise to Lan WangJi by justifying his actions from that night. Seeing that the other disciples outnumber Jin Ling, Wei WuXian lends a hand by teaching him a few moves. Later, Lan XiChen attends to Nie HuaiSang's wounds and moves on to Jin GuangYao. A similar situation happened during Wuxian’s battle with all the sects after the death of Jixuan. After the party, Jin GuangYao reports to Jin GuangShan about the whereabouts of the last piece of Stygian Iron. After all, about 30 episodes are flashbacks to give viewers the back story of Wuxian. The battle formation eventually leads the team into the Nightless City and slaughter ensues.

The two then sit down to rest and Wei WuXian starts teasing Lan WangJi with questions.

In the Unclean Realm, sect leader Nie MingJue welcomes the party and locks Xue Yang up. This give Wei WuXian an opportunity to recite one of Wen sect's rules to Wen Chao and the latter scolds that it is absurd.

Guangyao is the illegitimate child of Guangshan. Wei WuXian lies that his new body is weak.

While it seems that Wuxian was the one who killed Jixuan when he lost control of Wen Ning, the villain behind the plot is Jin Guangyao. Days later, Wang LingJiao arrives at Lotus Pier to have Yu ZiYuan punish Wei WuXian for his behavior in Muxi Mountain. Bullied by Chang Cian when he was young, he exacted revenge by killing all its members years later. Xiao XingChen tells everyone else to leave and Wei WuXian asks Lan SiZhui to lead the disciples. Jin GuangYao then pushes the sword in deeper and cries that he has never once wanted to harm Lan XiChen. During dinner, the latter and Jiang FengMian have a heated argument about the two sons and Wen sect's upcoming lecture. This Chinese fantasy drama starts with the resurrection of Wei Wuxian who has been dead for 16 years. Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian climb onto the roof and finds Lan XiChen among the Jin Sect disciples inside.

He and Lan WangJi speculates that Mo XuanYu might have been kicked out because he found out the truth. Jin GuangYao suggests to invite Wei WuXian, but also to have him hand over the Stygian Tiger Seal and surrender. Lan QiRen, Lan XiChen and Jiang FengMian then discuss the Stygian Iron before Lan WangJi comes for something confidential. When Wei WuXian finally wakes up, he tells Lan WangJi not to take Jiang Cheng's words to heart. In the room of the Wen siblings, Wen Ning expresses concern over his sister's constant disappearances. When Song Lan caught up with Xingchen again in Yi City, he has to fight off Xue Yang but was unsuccessful. 1:03 PREVIEW Xue Yang. She has come to see Wei WuXian while wearing her bridal gown, as he cannot attend the wedding. Not long after, the disciples inside start to argue loudly.

Back in the Burial Mound, Wei WuXian reminisces about his time with his loved ones.

Lan XiChen also enters the room to discuss the matter at hand. The next flashback is when Jin GuangYao and Nie MingJue fought in Nightless City. However, as they are leaving the cave, the other sects swiftly gather outside to claim back their disciples and stand against Wei WuXian.

As Wei WuXian arrives in Mt. Seeing Jiang Cheng losing control, Wei WuXian resolves to find a way to retrieve his Golden Core. He introduces himself as Wei WuXian as pre-planned and answers all her questions without failure before being led away.

Jin GuangYao suddenly drags him towards the coffin and let his blood spill onto the Stygian Tiger Seal. Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi come up with a plan to kill the beast by using GuSu's String Killing method and having Wei WuXian drive the beast out of its shell from the inside. After the Stygian Iron reacted violently, they, excepting Nie HuaiSang, immediately go to investigate.

On the first day of its release, a total of six episodes were available to VIP members. Chinese, Korean & Hong Kong Drama Reviews, October 15, 2019 by Drama Addict Leave a Comment. At night, the trio drink wine together but are discovered by Lan WangJi. The two escape but are trapped by the disciples outside.

He has a tragic past being an orphan with little to eat on the streets.

In the Carp Tower the next day, a meeting with the other sects is held once again to discuss about Wei WuXian's crimes. Wei WuXian then meets up with Lan WangJi, who is concerned about the curse marks on Wei WuXian.

He is caught red-handed by Lan WangJi and the two fight over the rules that Wei WuXian has broken. Why is Wei Ying also Wei Wuxian, or Lan Zhan also Lan Wangji? Wei WuXian and Wen Ning then pass by QiongQi Way to reach the Carp Tower, but are stopped by Jin ZiXun. After Lan XiChen sends Jin GuangYao off, he instructs Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian to check things out in the Burial Mound.

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