Originally, the hospital opened to help folks suffering from alcohol and drug abuse, but it expanded and had operating rooms, labor and delivery, etc. It was operated by the Sisters until it closed in 1986 when a newer hospital opened in nearby Cuero, Tx. One sister has been seen in different spots around the building, and photos of her in her habit have been caught as well. The Mysterious Case Of a Polish Family Terrorized By a Poltergeist, Suicide Bridge on Route 66 in Pasadena, California, Family Ghosts: When Relatives Stay On Earth After Death, The Haunted Painting of a Paranormal Photograph, Different Types of Hauntings: What You Might be Dealing With, The Mystery Of The 13 Souls: Building Of The Devil. If the hospital was really running short of staff and that caused terrible standards of patient care, it’s likely that many of the people who died there didn’t have to – or at least died earlier than they had to. Hmmmm…. What’s interesting about this place is that there is a balance of good and evil spirits.

Yorktown had a huge oil industry as well. Yorktown Memorial Hospital was named for – at least according to the sources I found – the USS Yorktown, which was attacked and sunk during the Battle of Midway during WWII. This place is LOADED with recorded activity and claims of paranormal occurrences. It’s still rich in oil as of today. It served as a portal to life and death.

If you decide to go for the tour or an investigation – make sure you’re feeling quite well. The hospital spans 30,000 square feet, two wings, and a basement. The Yorktown Memorial Hospital stands with its arched entrance untouched by brush, which has had its way with the rest of the property. During its time as a drug rehabilitation facility, a young man, some call him TJ, came to the establishment seeking help. Paranormal news, articles, real ghost stories, UFO, aliens and everything from A to Z of the unexplained, strange & odd.

Well, you’ve got the shadow figures, disembodied moans and screams, black apparitions with glowing red eyes, talking dolls, and tapping noises on the glass of one of the lobby doors. It is reported to be highly active and very haunted. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. Plus, many paranormal groups have captured EVPs of the highest quality. Yorktown hospital operated until about 1986, and closed due to another hospital opening in nearby Cuero, Tx. The Felician Sisters themselves are said to still be in the hospital – or at least an entity masquerading as the nuns is there. Creep it real until next time, my Ghost Texas friends…. The Felician Sisters of the Roman Catholic Church kept the hospital open until 1986, when another hospital opened up just a few miles away in Cuero, Texas, thus putting Memorial Hospital out of business. Disembodied moaning, and shuffling was also heard on several occasions. Daily updated website dedicated to unexplained mysteries. There was a door and a bell that was there just in case of an emergency. Added to that, you’ve got apparitions galore – some appearing to be patients, some appearing to be visitors. There are plenty of stories about the true number of people who died in the hospital, but the number is said to be around 2,000. Blood spatter on the walls has remained there to this day. One of the owners of the property had the blood that is still on the walls of the boiler room tested by a forensic lab, and it came back as human blood.

Yorktown Memorial Hospital was named for – at least according to the sources I found – the USS Yorktown, which was attacked and sunk during the Battle of Midway during WWII. Past the Yorktown Creek and a few fast food joints lies a foreboding structure. In Japan, Allowed To Grow Hybrids Of Humans And Animals, New Theory Suggests That We Travel To Parallel Universes When We Dream, Pyramids Discovered In Russia Twice As Old As Egyptian, Mummified Captain Found In Ghost Ship Drifting At Sea, Loveland Castle: One Of The Most Haunted Sites In Ohio. One of the well-known, and less frightening, spirits is of a little girl. Up in the nuns corridors, the second floor of the Yorktown Memorial Chapel, there have been reports of a spirit of a nun who chokes people. After its shutdown in the 80s, it opened once again to become a drug rehabilitation center until 1988. It closed its doors as a hospital in 1986, when it became a drug rehab facility until its total decommission in 1992. Unfortunately, this didn’t mean patients were the safest under his watch and hand. Let’s start with Dr Leon Nowierski, shall we? Visitors have been choked, scratched, or rushed at, and it seems particularly bad for those who have tattoos. What’s up, fellow ghost-geeks? All kinds of accidents happened on these rigs. The possibly negative energy from pieces of original furniture and even blood from a violent altercation could be what ties these spirits even tighter to the building.

Yorktown has seen it’s portal to life and death. Yorktown Memorial Hospital The Ghost Adventures team investigates an abandoned hospital in Texas. The second floor of the hospital was entirely living quarters for those employed there. Definitely human blood. She seems to have been gifted a book of The Poky Little Puppy by Dr Nowierski himself, as the article I found said that a book with a note from the Doctor to the little girl had been found. You can find the Yorktown Memorial Hospital on Facebook, which is where I got this information. Today, his apparition can sometimes be seen wandering the hall near the back door. Clear EVP’s of the following was caught: “You Wanna Play?”, “It Must Be Told, And I’ll Tell Them You Did It”, “It’s Sick”, “Don’t Go In The Bathroom”, “Okay”, “Get In There”, “The Killer Is Coming, Get To The Hallway”. E. [email protected], Ghosts of the Alamo – the story of the hauntings. The Yorktown Memorial Hospital was opened the year following its construction, its name paying homage to those from Yorktown who fought and lost their lives during WWII. He died from a heroin overdose and is said to be one of the spirits that haunts the hospital. The Yorktown Memorial Hospital has been through every kind of emotion you could possibly think of. Yorktown Memorial had considerable trouble keeping staff, and apparently the high employee-turn-over resulted in pretty poor standards of care. Haunted Rooms America Wilmington, DE, US, 19809 So, what do you think of Yorktown Memorial Hospital, guys and ghouls? The Yorktown Memorial Hospital was opened the year following its construction, its name paying homage to those from Yorktown who fought and lost their lives during WWII. The hospital attracted many workers that were on those oil rigs. The town was established when a road was built, connecting the then-Texas Gulf Coast seaport, Indianola, with New Braunfels. They also captured the bottom half of a figure whilst using their infrared still camera. Some of you ghost geeks out there may have seen televised investigations of Yorktown Memorial on various cable television networks. The hospital is also a host to other, less-identified apparitions and spirits. It was reported as a triple stabbing double homicide. Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Texas was built in 1951 and was run by the Felician Sisters of The Roman Catholic Church. Why not experience first-hand the paranormal goings-on at Yorktown Hospital with all the equipment and the know-how!? Then again, all hospitals do. People have reported being punched, kicked, slapped by unseen forces and have also been scratched. The story goes that there was a love triangle between a female employee, a co-worker, and a patient. From orbs to shadow men, nearly everything has been caught on camera at this haunted location. A post shared by (@laurenkubala), A post shared by (@thecraftyvoyager), The Haunted Texas Governor’s Mansion: Politics and Suicide, The Crying Girl of Matz Street and the Ghost of Heritage Haus, Woman Hollering Creek: The Weeping Woman of Saint Hedwig, TX. But I won’t philosophize on that too much here. Shadows frequent the halls, as well as the old ER/OR rooms and screams, can be heard on occasion coming from the labor and delivery ward. She is sometimes in her old room on the first floor, and other times she can be seen and heard playing in the basement hallways. Whoa. A small town 70 miles NW of Waco, Texas is the final resting place of a man named Ollie “Brushy Bill” Roberts? The caretaker of the building has claimed that he has had it forensically tested, and the result? Regarded by many as one of the most haunted locations in the U.S., Yorktown is one of our most popular ghost hunting venues! Nobody seems to know how Stacy died, just that she’s very active on the property. By the time of his retirement, he held the oldest medical license in Texas. Tel. The man she was with managed to wrestle the knife away from the attacker and ended up stabbing him to death, either in retaliation or self-defense. The second … Yorktown Memorial Hospital. It is currently home to 47 residents, with two rooms that are reserved for guests. A staggering number of fatalities for such a small building in such a small amount of time, it’s no wonder it is said to be plagued by wandering and restless spirits today. The land between San Antonio and the Gulf of Mexico is peppered with tiny, albeit simply adorable, towns. After forty years of service, In 1988, the facility closed it’s doors. The C. Eckhardt & Sons Building is almost 150 years old, standing to this day as the Yorktown Historical Museum. A post shared by (@thecraftyvoyager) on Mar 9, 2020 at 10:42am PDT. Dr. Nowierski and the nuns might be waiting. One article I found stated that the hospital lost 500 patients in a six-year-span, which, to those of us who don’t know, is extremely high. One of the ghosts is a man by the name of Doug Richards. Another widely seen apparition is the heart-breaking entity named “TJ”. Some of the buildings on Main St, though, are original to the settlement, dating back to the 1850s. It served as a portal to life and death. One of the creepiest things to witness is the battery-operated dolls in a bedroom, which have been caught on camera responding accordingly to requests to laugh and converse without other interference. In other versions of the account, it was a nurse and two patients. It said “Please ring in case of an emergency.” One of the nuns would stay up all night to listen for the bell. Dr. Leon Nowierski worked at Yorktown Memorial until his 90s – at which time he retired, and at the date of his retirement held the oldest medical license in Texas. Then again, all hospitals do. Either the people who dropped off the body didn’t ring the bell or the nun didn’t hear the bell ring. Just down the road going west, however, the town soon reveals one of its darker characters from times gone by. Today we’re exploring the haunted Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Yorktown, TX. A recipe that would definitely add to the hospitals hauntings. It’s unclear how something like a throat-slitting could be an “accident,” but maybe he should get the benefit of the doubt.

She can be found in the library if you sit down and read her a story; she has also rolled a ball by request. Nobody knows if that’s his real name, but the apparition seems to be the ghost of an addict who came to the back door of the hospital needing help.

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